Orange County DUI defense attorneyIf you have been wrongly convicted of driving under the influence in southern California, you may be able to appeal your conviction, but you must file the appeal within thirty days, and you need to have high-quality legal counsel. Appealing a California DUI conviction isn’t easy – you’ve already been convicted once – but if you have grounds for an appeal, let an experienced Orange County DWI defense attorney help.

If you choose to appeal a DWI conviction, do it because you genuinely believe that you are innocent. If you file an appeal simply because you don’t want to face the penalties for your conviction, your appeal will very likely fail. Typically, grounds for filing an appeal may include false arrest, lack of evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, or jury misconduct. Before you take any legal action regarding an appeal, speak about your legal rights, obligations, and alternatives with a good Orange County DWI defense lawyer. You’ll receive honest advice, and if you have sufficient grounds to file an appeal, you’ll have aggressive legal representation working for you.

Because the state has already proven your guilt in court, your appeal must demonstrate to the appeals court that your conviction was wrongful. A felony appeal can sometimes take months. If you’re convicted of a felony DUI charge or a misdemeanor DUI, you have only thirty days to file an appeal with the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. A DUI appeal is more likely to succeed if it’s handled by an experienced attorney who focuses exclusively on DWI law and routinely handles DWI appeals.

A DUI conviction in California – even for a first-offense misdemeanor DWI charge – has serious and lasting negative consequences. If your conviction was a mistake, and you are innocent, it only makes sense. Act immediately after the conviction – you have only thirty days or your chance to have your conviction overturned is gone. Immediately discuss your case with an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.