When you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI in southern California, you may think that hiring a DWI attorney is waste of money. The number of people who think this – and then plead guilty and accept the penalties – is astounding. Many of these drivers never even consider having their case assessed by a good driving under influence attorney. Drivers in California should fully understand that pleading guilty to a driving while intoxicated charge is equivalent to being convicted by a jury; you pay the same price in fines, a driver’s license suspension, potential jail time, and more. Many could avoid this trouble if they would simply consult with an experienced Orange County driving under influence defense lawyer after being arrested. What are the most important reasons to hire an attorney when you’re charged with DUI?

  • Court-appointed attorneys do not specialize in DWI cases.
  • A good DUI attorney will have significant trial experience.
  • A good DUI lawyer will fight aggressively for your innocence.
  • DUI attorneys understand field sobriety and chemical DWI tests and their unreliability.
  • DUI attorneys know what evidence is relevant and how to present it.
  • Prosecutors are well-prepared for trial; so are good DWI lawyers.
  • An experienced DWI attorney knows the expert witnesses who can help you.
  • If the evidence against you is overwhelming, and you are convicted despite your attorney’s best efforts, an experienced driving while intoxicated lawyer will still work hard on your behalf for reduced or alternative sentencing.

Whether it’s your first offense or your umpteenth driving while intoxicated arrest, and whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, every driving under influence charge in California is serious. It’s imperative that you have high-quality legal representation if you are charged with driving under influence or any related offense. In Orange County or anywhere in southern California, after a driving while intoxicated arrest, call an experienced Orange County driving while intoxicated defense lawyer as quickly as possible.