A number of punishments are available to California judges when you are convicted of DUI for a second time in this state, and you definitely want to avoid those punishments if possible. If you’re facing a DWI charge for the second time, you probably already know that you’ll need high-quality legal counsel and representation. Don’t wait to contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.

If you are charged with DWI within ten years of a first DUI conviction or a reckless driving conviction, you face the possibility of a year in jail and a fine ranging from $390 to $1000. If you’re convicted of a second DWI, your driver’s license will also be suspended for two years. You’ll be put on probation for three to five years, and you will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle with any measurable amount of alcohol in your blood. The court will also require you to attend and complete an 18-month or a 30-month driving-under-the-influence program.

Being charged, however, isn’t by itself a conviction. A prosecutor still must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s one reason you need to work alongside an experienced DWI attorney. A good DUI lawyer will determine if your rights were protected or violated by the police when they stopped you; may contest the results of any DWI test; and may challenge the testimony of police officers and other prosecution witnesses. Your attorney will attempt to suppress evidence against you, and in some cases, the charge can be reduced or dismissed. If the evidence against you is indisputable, your attorney will still work for reduced or alternative sentencing.

Obviously, the only certain way to avoid being charged with DWI is to not drink and drive at all. Designate a driver you trust, call a taxi, or find another way. Still, if you face a DUI charge in California, whether it’s a first, second, or subsequent offense, your best hope for justice is contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.