Before you get behind the wheel, a new breathalyzer app will let you know if you’re over the BAC (blood alcohol content) limit. The BacTrack Mobile Breathalyzer, available on both the iOS and Android platforms, is designed to connect via Bluetooth to a similarly named app on both iOS and Android. When the connection is secured, you simply blow into the device. You’ll receive a BAC reading and an analysis of the reading; if your BAC is above 0.01 percent, you’ll receive the message that your judgment and motor skills are now impaired. Tests have demonstrated that the BacTrack Mobile Breathalyzer delivers an accurate measurement of your blood-alcohol content level. It is designed to deliver warnings against driving with any amount of alcohol in your system. The app costs $150, so it remains to be seen how popular it will become.

If you can’t spend $150, AlcoMeters (based in Chatsworth) offers several non-electronic breathalyzers so inexpensive that no one any longer has any excuse for driving under the influence. Of course, to be truly safe, it’s always best not to drink and drive at all. If, however, despite your best safety efforts, you are charged with DUI in California, speak right away to an experienced California DUI defense attorney. DUI is treated as a serious charge by California courts, and the penalties can be severe. If you are charged, a good DUI defense lawyer will answer your legal questions and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Should your case go to trial, an experienced California DUI defense attorney will protect your legal rights and aggressively represent you and fight for your acquittal. If you’re facing a DUI charge – or should you be charged with DUI in the future – speak with an experienced California DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.