Most California DUI cases are routine, but occasionally a DWI case can get just a little “crazy.” Whether your case is routine or out of the ordinary, if you’re charged with DUI in southern California, get the legal help you’ll need by immediately contacting an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer. Speaking of extraordinary DWI cases, even California hasn’t had a case as convoluted as the story that’s been entertaining people in the Tampa Bay area since 2008. That’s when a feud first emerged between two popular local radio talk show hosts: Todd Allen Clem (known in Tampa Bay as “Bubba the Love Sponge”) and Todd Schnitt (known as “M.J. Kelli”). Both hosts are known for over-the-top and sometimes vulgar on-air rants. Schnitt originally sued Clem for defaming him and his wife on the air in one of those rants. During the defamation trial, Clem’s attorneys had what they must have thought was a brilliant idea: set up the opposing attorney, Phil Campbell, for a DUI arrest.

The three attorneys allegedly asked one their paralegals to follow Campbell to a club, pretend not to know who he was, flirt with him, and encourage him to drink too much. The three attorneys allegedly also had a contact in the Tampa Police Department’s DUI Squad who was waiting outside Malio’s, a popular Tampa steakhouse and nightclub. Campbell was arrested and charged with DWI , but eventually the plot was exposed. DWI charges against Campbell were dropped, and Clem’s attorneys now face disbarment proceedings. As it turned out, Clem won the original defamation case despite the unscrupulous actions of his attorneys.

You probably won’t ever be “set up,” but if you’re charged with DWI in Orange County or elsewhere in southern California, protecting your rights and your future is your highest priority. If there’s a way to win your DWI case, a good DWI defense attorney will find it. After any DUI arrest in southern California, arrange at once to speak with an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer, and don’t wait to make the call.