Good California DUI lawyers win cases in several different ways, so finding a good driving under the influence attorney should always be your first step if you face a driving under the influence accusation. It’s always possible to win in a trial, for instance, but you have no way to be sure because anyone can be selected to serve on a jury.

And despite what they may say, most people will vote to convict a D.U.I. defendant. To avoid the risk of a trial, a good D.U.I. defense lawyer may negotiate your case directly with the prosecutor. Even if your legal situation doesn’t look too good, an experienced driving under the influence defense attorney can almost always offer something positive on your behalf, possibly having your sentence reduced, or in some cases, having the charge dismissed entirely.

In other cases, a good driving under the influence defense lawyer may choose to file a motion to suppress evidence. Test results and other evidence can sometimes be suppressed in California driving under the influence cases, often leading to a reduction or a dismissal of your charge. An experienced driving under the influence defense attorney will develop and put forward the defense that’s best in your particular case.

Although conviction rates for driving under the influence cases are high in California, with an experienced DUI defense attorney at your side, you can win a D.U.I. case in this state. The truth is that good DUI attorneys win these cases in California every day. If you are charged with D.U.I., protecting your rights and your future must be your paramount priorities. Working with an experienced driving under the influence defense attorney will save you time, money, and a world of grief; it’s the wisest thing to do. If there’s a way to win your California DUI case, a good DUI defense attorney will find it. If you’re facing a DUI accusation, speak right away – today, in fact – with an experienced California DUI defense attorney.