Do not be like 21-year-old Ross McMakin of Corvallis, Oregon. After leaving a party with his girlfriend back in April, she offered to drive because she knew McMakin was drunk. However, McMakin’s girlfriend had no experience with manual transmissions, so – instead of calling a taxi – McMakin took the keys and proceeded to drive across a sidewalk, smash into a parked car, and then drive down the wrong side of the street. But what really sealed the young man’s fate was the t-shirt he was wearing, which read in four-inch block letters “DRUNK AS ****.” (It’s a common, vulgar four-letter word.) There’s nothing like confessing to a crime and expressing a bad attitude before you’ve even said one word to a police officer. It’s hard to believe that anyone could be that thoughtless or irresponsible.

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in southern California, have an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney handle your case. A good DUI defense lawyer will examine every detail of the evidence, question the breathalyzer or blood test results, and may even challenge the arresting officer’s statements. However, even the best DUI defense lawyer can’t stop you from making a complete fool out of yourself. McMakin was charged with DUI and reckless endangerment, and he will certainly face serious legal consequences; Oregon’s DUI laws are tough, much like California’s. The extra-legal consequence is that the smiling mug shot of McMakin in his t-shirt went “viral” on the internet. It will probably remain there for decades for employers and others to find.

But even if you end up looking as foolish as Ross McMakin, your best hope for justice is still a good DUI defense lawyer. In Orange County and anywhere in the southern California region, if you’re accused of DUI – now or in the future – it’s imperative to get the legal help you need and consult immediately with an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.