If you are arrested and charged with DUI in southern California, now or in the future, be sure to obtain the counsel and services of an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible. DUI laws in California are complicated, and the courts often hand down harsh punishments. Nevertheless, because so many California drivers end up with DUI convictions, the courts offer “alternative” sentencing. Rather than a fine or incarceration, an offender is allowed to complete a specified number of hours of unpaid work for a community organization. The community service is usually joined with probation.

Typically, community service means working for a state agency or a non-profit such as the Salvation Army, Caltrans, the Red Cross, or the YMCA. In some cases the work may include picking up trash at parks or along highways or removing public graffiti. In other cases, offenders such as (but not limited to) carpenters, doctors, plumbers, electricians, and dentists may donate their time and skills to community service agencies.

Probation for offenders performing community service can be “supervised” or “summary” probation. A DUI offender on supervised probation must routinely report to an assigned probation officer. Under summary probation, offenders do not have to report regularly, but they still must provide the court with proof that their community service has been completed. A failure to complete community service or any other terms of the probation will result in mandatory incarceration.

Of course, the best way to avoid being convicted of DUI is simply to never, ever drink and drive. If you anticipate driving, don’t drink, and if you’re going to drink, arrange for a taxi, a limo, or a designated driver. If despite your best efforts, you are charged and convicted of DUI in southern California, don’t wait to obtain the legal help you’re going to need; call an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately.