If you’re arrested and charged with DUI in southern California, it’s imperative to obtain legal advice and help promptly from an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney. An arrest is not the equivalent of a conviction, and a good DUI defense attorney can challenge the constitutionality of your arrest, the reliability of chemical blood tests, and other evidence offered against you. If it’s a first offense and no property damage or injuries were involved, there’s an excellent chance the charge can be reduced or maybe even dismissed. What’s better, of course, is not being stopped, arrested, or charged at all. Here are some tips:

  1. If you plan to drink, arrange for a designated driver or use a taxi, limousine, or car service.
  2. If you’ve had two or three drinks with friends or associates, and you feel buzzed when you sit down behind the wheel, do not start driving. Call a cab.
  3. Never drive if your license has been suspended or restricted.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with companions; it’s a basic human need. And just like every other basic human need – for food, shelter, or sex – there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Driving after drinking is the wrong way to have fun with friends.

California strictly enforces laws against driving under the influence, so if you’re charged with the crime, you’re going to need top-notch legal help from a good DUI defense lawyer. Your attorney will look at the details of your arrest, your alcohol tests, and the statements of police officers and other witnesses. If there’s a flaw in the prosecutor’s case – and many times there is – a good DUI defense lawyer will exploit that flaw on your behalf and work for the best possible resolution to your case. If you’re charged with DUI in southern California now or in the future, contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately.