One of the consequences of a California DUI conviction is the strong possibility that your driver’s license will be suspended. Obviously, a suspended license restricts your freedom and makes transportation excessively difficult. If you drive for a living, your ability to earn a living will be imperiled. The only way to retain your license after a DWI arrest is to request a hearing – separate from any hearings related to the DWI charge itself – before California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you don’t request a DMV hearing within ten days of your arrest, your license will be automatically suspended. In southern California, an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney can represent you at both the DMV hearing and in criminal court on the DUI charge. The DMV will suspend or revoke your license if you are arrested for suspicion of DUI and:

  • you’re on probation for DWI or under 21 and your blood alcohol content (BAC) level measures 0.01 percent or higher
  • you’re driving a commercial vehicle and your BAC level measures 0.04 percent or higher
  • you’re driving a non-commercial vehicle and your BAC level measures 0.08 percent or higher
  • you refuse or fail to complete a BAC test

In a typical DWI arrest, the arresting officer will seize your driver’s license and give you an Order of Suspension. If you are arrested for DUI and do not receive an Order of Suspension from the arresting officer, you’ll receive one in the mail from the DMV along with a 30-day temporary license. Your suspension begins when your temporary license expires. If the officer did not confiscate your license, you’ll have to take or mail it to the nearest DMV office.

If your driver’s license has been – or is about to be – suspended, it’s imperative to speak immediately with a good DWI defense lawyer. You have only ten days to request a hearing to challenge your driver’s license suspension, so you’ll have to act quickly. If you’re charged with DUI and face a driver’s license suspension in southern California, speak with an experienced Orange County DWI defense attorney right away.