If you hold a professional license such as those held by doctors, nurses, or teachers, a DUI conviction can very negatively impact your professional career. For example, if you’re an RN in California, the state’s Board of Registered Nursing will be notified of a driving under influence conviction, and sanctions may be issued against your license. You can, however, have the conviction expunged with the help of an experienced California DUI defense attorney. An expungement is evidence that you have not violated probation and that you have successfully completed all the terms of your probation and sentence. Professional boards often take into account your conviction’s full dismissal.

Expungement in California is a bit more difficult today than it was before 2008. Prior to that year, if you completed your probation and complied with all the terms of the court, expungement was essentially automatic. But since 2008, California requires a full courtroom expungement hearing. Witnesses may testify, evidence may be presented, and arguments will be made. In most cases, a prosecutor at the hearing will object to giving you a clean record. It will be entirely up to the judge whether your record will be expunged or not, and proper legal representation by an experienced DUI defense attorney can make the difference. If you were convicted of a felony driving under influence, an additional motion must first be filed to lower the offense to a misdemeanor, and then the motion to expunge can proceed.

Expungement of a DUI conviction can be critically important to any person applying for or renewing a professional license. In California, accountants, attorneys, physicians, nurses, pilots, real estate agents, civil engineers, contractors, dentists, pharmacists, and teachers are among the professionals whose licenses may be denied or revoked due to a DUI conviction. A good California driving under influencedefense lawyer can help you have your conviction expunged. If you are a professional person charged with or convicted of DUI in southern California, get the help you need, protect your career, and speak to an experienced California DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.