The realities associated with a driving under the influence conviction can be staggering. The formal sentence is harsh enough: fines, a license suspension, and possible jail time. But a D.U.I. conviction can also impact your finances, your job prospects, and more. If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in California – or if you’re charged with DUI in the future – get the legal help you need and speak right away with an experienced California DUI defense attorney. Here are some of the ways that a D.U.I. conviction can negatively impact you:

  • Your driving privilege: When you are charged with driving under the influence in California, the DMV can suspend your license. Even after your sentence is complete, others may not trust you to drive.
  • Your career prospects: With a driving under the influence conviction, you can generally forget about any work that involves driving. Even when a job doesn’t involve driving, employers who see a DWI on your record may decide that you aren’t the candidate they want.
  • Your insurance premiums. A driving under the influence conviction means that your insurance premiums will jump, and not just your automobile insurance. Life insurance companies consider driving under the influence offenders riskier to insure.
  • Your emotional well-being: Many driving under the influence offenders feel shame and guilt and experience resentment. Others may stigmatize you out of misunderstanding or simple prejudice.
  • More: A D.U.I. conviction can keep right on impacting your life in ways you may not have considered. A D.U.I. offender, for example, may lose his or her voting privilege, at least temporarily. The ultimate ramifications of a DWI conviction only emerge over time.

The costs of a D.U.I.  conviction always extend beyond the merely legal costs. Don’t risk your future. A good California driving under the influence defense lawyer may be able to have your charge reduced or dismissed; if you case goes to trial, an experienced driving under the influence defense attorney will develop an effective defense strategy and fight aggressively for your acquittal. If you face a D.U.I. charge, now or in the future, get the help you need and call a good DWI defense lawyer immediately.