Driving under the influence (DUI) remains a big and controversial issue in California and everywhere else. Although there’s plenty of talk about DWI – on TV and radio, and certainly in bars and nightclubs – much of that talk is uninformed, and many people are still unaware of some basic facts about DUI. DWI is a public safety issue, an economic issue, and a legal and constitutional issue. If you’re charged with DUI in southern California, you can avoid a host of legal problems by getting help right away from an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney. Whether you eventually need legal help or not, here are several facts you should know:

  1. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that DWI -related traffic accidents cost drivers and employers in the U.S. more than $51 billion a year, and that figure doesn’t include higher insurance rates or wages lost from work absences.
  2. Males account for about 78 percent of DWI arrests in California, but the number of females arrested for DUI has increased every year since 1989.
  3. The average age of a California DUI suspect is 30. Juveniles under 18 account for fewer than one percent of California DWI arrests.

Of course, the best way to avoid a DUI charge is simply not to drink and drive. If you anticipate driving, don’t drink; if you drink, have a designated driver or use a taxi, limo, or car service. Anyone and everyone who drives under the influence faces the risk of arrest, accident, injury, or worse. If you are charged with DWI in southern California – even if it’s a first offense – you’ll need legal representation from an experienced Orange County DWI defense attorney. A good DUI defense lawyer will defend your legal rights, assess the specifics of your case, explain your options, and guide you through the legal process. If you face any kind of DWI -related charge, now or in the future, speak to an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney right away.