Food delays alcohol absorption; it’s been documented. The Journal of the Forensic Science Society published an extensive study on food and alcohol absorption back in 1991. Groups of subjects drank both light and regular beer on empty stomachs, during a lunch, and two hours after a lunch. Subjects registered a lower blood-alcohol content (BAC) level with light beer on an empty stomach than with regular beer; the same held true for beer consumed after a meal.

BAC levels for the two types of beer consumed during a meal were virtually identical, but regular beer produced a slower rate of alcohol elimination from the bloodstream. BAC levels for both kinds of beer were lower with a full stomach. This confirmed earlier studies indicating that alcohol can be trapped by food in the stomach and not immediately absorbed. After extensive experimentation, the researchers concluded that “results presented in this paper emphasize the need for caution” when determining BAC levels.

If a drinker wishes to keep his or her BAC at a low level, what are the guidelines for eating? What’s the best time to eat, what food is best, and how much? When food is eaten during or immediately before or after drinking, it substantially reduces the BAC level that would be reached if the alcohol were consumed on an empty stomach. Protein has the strongest effect, but carbohydrates also are also effective. If you’ve been charged with DUI, and you ate a meal before, during, or after drinking, a good DUI defense lawyer may be able to show the court that you were not too intoxicated to drive.

The best strategy, of course, is not drinking if you anticipate driving. However, if you’re charged with DUI in California despite your best efforts, it’s imperative to retain the services of an experienced California DUI defense attorney. A good DUI defense lawyer is familiar with a number of possible defense strategies and will use the defense that’s best in your specific circumstances. Don’t risk your driving privilege, your freedom, or your future. If you are charged with DUI or any DUI-related offense, get the help you need and contact an experienced California DUI attorney at once.