If you are arrested and accused of driving under the influence in southern California, the state will usually seek to suspend your driver’s license for six months. It’s not easy to keep your driver’s license in California when you have a DUI charge pending, but it sometimes can be done with the help of an experienced Orange County DWI attorney. If you must drive for your job, your schooling, or for your other obligations, you need your license. If your driver’s license is at risk because of a DWI charge, take these steps:

  • Contact an experienced Orange County DWI attorney as quickly as possible. After a DWI arrest, a license suspension goes into effect automatically in thirty days unless you challenge it, and you have only ten days to do that. Your attorney be able to help you keep your license, arrange for a shorter suspension, or help you obtain a “hardship” license during the suspension.
  • Make a plan. Make a list of responsibilities you need to meet and how you will arrange transportation for each. Check the bus schedules and taxi rates. Some people may want to consider using a bicycle. Maybe a neighbor can help with groceries and a co-worker with work.
  • Expect some difficulties and be flexible. You can’t ride a bike in pouring rain. If you ride to work with a colleague who gets sick for a week, adapt – get a bus or a taxi. Use your ingenuity.

You should challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. If you are – or have been – accused of DWI, and you face a driver’s license suspension in Orange County because of that DWI charge, arrange at once to speak with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney. Help is available, but you must take the first step and make the call.