When charged with DUI, many California drivers think that hiring an experienced California DUI defense attorney is a waste of money; they think they’ll arrive at the same outcome with or without a good DUI defense lawyer at their side. The Judge may impose the same sentence at the end of the case, but that’s actually very rare. An experienced DUI defense attorney can almost always offer the court something that will move the final result in your direction.

For example, at your arraignment the prosecutor will very likely offer you a deal – a plea bargain. In exchange for an immediate guilty plea, you’ll be offered a sentence somewhat less severe than the standard sentence. Sure, accepting a plea deal “expedites” your case, but it also takes from you the right to present evidence and the right to a trial. You do not have to enter a plea right away – don’t be in a hurry. Speak first with a good California DUI defense lawyer.

How do you know if the deal you are offered is a good one? You can probably get a better result, but only an experienced DUI defense attorney will know the court, the judge, and the strategy of the prosecutor. Your attorney can make a more educated decision about accepting or rejecting the first plea bargain that’s offered.

What about a trial? The specific details and circumstances of your case need to be evaluated and your possible defenses and lines of arguments need to be assessed to determine if a case should go to trial. Sometimes the costs and risks of trial are not in the defendant’s best interests, and a good California DUI defense lawyer can give you the best answer about going to trial versus entering a plea.

If you are charged with DUI in California, consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible. A lot of rights are granted to you; don’t waive them. The legal process is tricky, so you really must get the legal help you need from a good California DUI defense lawyer.