If you are an adult in California, and your adult best friend visits, has one beer too many, and causes an accident while driving home, you probably won’t be sued. Legally in California, a social host is anyone who provides alcohol to others, but the intent and purpose of the social host law is to deter people who are under 21 from drinking and then driving. Hosts can be subject to liability if they serve alcohol to underage drinkers who then drive and cause an accident. In southern California, if you or your underage son or daughter is charged with DUI, you’ll need to act quickly and obtain legal help from an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.

The social host law in California is aimed at adults who knowingly serve alcohol to anyone under 21. If that underage person then drives and causes personal injury or property damage, and alcohol was a contributing factor, the adult who served alcohol may be held liable. It’s a civil law, so you won’t face a criminal charge, but medical bills and property damage can be costly, lawsuits can be aggravating and time-consuming, and homeowner’s insurance rarely covers liquor liability. Simply determining not to serve minors in your home is the wisest decision; it might make you un-hip as a parent, but it’s better than being sued for everything you own.

California’s social host law isn’t designed to punish hosts but to protect the public from underage drinkers who drive. A teen’s life is literally at risk when he or she drinks and drives. If your teenager is charged with DUI in southern California, obtain the services of a good DUI defense lawyer immediately. An experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney will defend your child’s legal rights and will work diligently to have your teen’s DUI case resolved in the best possible manner.