If you are charged with DUI in Orange County, there are a number of reasons why you should contact an experienced Orange County DWI attorney as quickly as possible. For example, experienced DUI lawyers know that law enforcement officers can sometimes be less than completely candid when they write DUI reports and testify against DUI suspects. It’s not that police officers necessarily have evil intent. It’s more a matter of falling into a routine, finding what works, and then using it again and again. That police officers do this becomes apparent when an officer’s DUI reports and testimonies read and sound like copies of all of that officer’s previous DUI reports and testimonies.

Officer A regularly says that suspects were “fumbling” for licenses and registrations. Officer B routinely charges that a suspect’s speech was slurred. And Officer C invariably alleges that the suspects he arrests were “weaving” in traffic. If you need proof that police officers do this, you need look no further north than the town of Pittsburg in Contra Costa County. That’s where police officers James Hartley and Javier Slagado admitted to filing dozens of falsified DWI reports. Old reports were used basically as templates for new reports, and some paragraphs were entirely “cut and pasted” into a number of the reports.

That’s no way to treat Californians whose freedom may be at stake. Every DWI defendant deserves to have his or her case thoroughly – and freshly – investigated. California DWI attorneys are aware of the tactic, and that’s another good reason why you need to be represented by an experienced DUI attorney if you face the charge. In Orange County, you should know that penalties can be stiff and consequences can be long-term if you’re convicted, so get in touch with an experienced Orange County DWI attorney right away.