Alcohol is a factor in the overwhelming majority of all traffic accidents involving teens. If you’re the parent of a teenager, talk frequently with your teen about the dangers of underage drinking and especially underage drinking and driving. No teenager wants a DUI conviction; it can close the door to a number of job opportunities. Underage drinking also very negatively impacts health and academic performance.

If you’re a parent, you should teach safe driving behavior from the beginning, and Rule Number One should be “Absolutely No Alcohol.” As a parent, you can start by modeling safe driving behavior whenever you drive with your kids along, even before they’re old enough to drive. Teens copy the behavior of adults, so if you are a parent with a drinking issue, seek help for your child’s sake. If you or your teenager is arrested and charged in Orange County with DUI, arrange immediately to speak with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney.

Since the legal drinking age is 21, California is a “zero tolerance” state. That means that while the “legal limit” (blood alcohol content level limit) set for adult drivers is 0.08 percent, the legal limit for drivers under 21 is zero. Any driver under 21 with any detectable blood alcohol can be arrested and prosecuted under zero tolerance.

If your teen drinks and drives, his or her license will likely be revoked, but that’s not nearly the worst possible consequence. Your teen’s life is literally at risk when he or she drinks and drives. Still, if your teenager is charged with DUI in Orange County despite your very best efforts, obtain the services of an experienced Orange County DUI attorney as quickly as possible. A good Orange County DUI attorney will defend your teenager’s legal rights and will work aggressively to bring your teen’s DUI case to its best possible conclusion.