It’s spring, which means that in just a few weeks, young people will start planning their proms and graduation parties. While graduation is in some sense a “passage into adulthood,” proms and graduation parties need attention and monitoring from parents. Otherwise, that special night of fun could be costly, injurious, or in the worst case, fatal if someone chooses to drive under the influence. If your teen is charged with DUI in Orange County, get help at once by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney. The good news is that parents can take some practical steps to ensure a safe graduation party.

Discuss graduation night with your teen. Make a plan. Be sure – whether the party is at your home or elsewhere – that any party your teen attends is alcohol-free. If you are a host, you can be held liable if a teen leaves your home under the influence and causes property damage or injuries. Recruit other parents to help; if you have more than 12 or 15 kids in your home, they’ll be difficult for only one or two adults to monitor.

Remember, your main goal is to keep everyone safe by preventing DUI. If the graduation party is at your home – or if you’re helping other parents with a party at their home – check the guests for alcohol. Simply saying “no drinking” isn’t enough; in any group of teens, one or two will be strong-willed. Check packages, backpacks, and big purses. After the party begins, call other parents if you need to, especially if you believe a teen has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. The teens may not like it, but the jail, the hospital, and the morgue are far more unlikeable.

Have a safe and fun graduation party for your teens. If you need legal help regarding a DUI charge – on graduation night or any other night of the year – arrange at once to speak with an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.