Drivers arrested for DUI in southern California need to contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately after the arrest. California drivers know that if they’re convicted of DUI, they’ll pay fines, temporarily lose their driver’s license, and possibly serve jail time. Get the legal help you need immediately. If you cause a fatal accident when you are driving while intoxicated, and if you are convicted, jail time is almost certain. One Chicago-area man allegedly responsible for a fatality did not stick around to receive his sentence, but he’s heading to prison now. In 2009, Ramiro Alcantar drove his Dodge Ram van into oncoming traffic and into a motorcycle operated by Caesar Vallejo, who died of his injuries. Alcantar failed the initial breath test. He was driving without insurance. Police officers said he smelled of alcohol, and they found a half-empty beer can in the van.

A relative came up with Alcantar’s $5,000 bail, and he failed to return to court in 2009. Officials issued a warrant, and on February 18 of this year, Alcantar was arrested in Springdale, Arkansas, after almost six years on the run. He’s now back in Illinois, and he’s unlikely to get bail this time around. If an Illinois court convicts Alcantar of aggravated DUI, a felony in that state, he could serve three to seven years in prison.

Running just makes it worse, and if you run from a DUI-related charge, you make it almost impossible for an attorney to help you. At this point, Ramiro Alcantar could hire the best DUI lawyer in the world and it wouldn’t matter. Because he ran, he’s going to prison. If you are arrested for DUI in southern California – whether it’s a misdemeanor first offense or a felony DUI with injures or even fatalities – don’t run. An arrest is not the equivalent of a conviction, and a good DUI lawyer has a number of legal tools that may help. Instead of running, contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately, and heed that attorney’s advice.