When you’re stopped in southern California for suspicion of DUI, your drivers’ license will be automatically suspended unless you take action within ten days. Even if you take the right action – by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney and requesting a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – it’s possible your license may nevertheless be suspended. That might not be so bad in New York or even San Francisco, where subways, buses, and taxis abound and even licensed drivers often choose to use them. It’s a little different in southern California, where everything is spread out and getting around is somewhat more complicated. Just getting to and from school and work without a car can be a monumental problem in our part of the state.

Even if you learn how the bus systems operate, you may find yourself occasionally stranded and generally more dependent on friends and family members. You may need to rearrange your schedule, move closer to work or school, or hire someone to drive your kids to and from school and other activities. The length of your license suspension is also a factor. For most first-time DUI defendants over 21, the driver’s license suspension lasts four months.

While the chances of being successful at a DMV hearing are typically slim, they certainly improve if you are represented at the hearing by an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney. The outcome of that hearing could in fact enhance your criminal defense against the DUI charge itself; the DMV hearing gives your lawyer an early opportunity to look over the evidence and advocate on your behalf. Remember that you have a very short window of time after your arrest – ten days – to request a DMV hearing and possibly retain your driving privilege. If you’re facing a DUI charge and license suspension in southern California, now or in the future, get the help you need and speak at once with an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney.