California prosecutes DUI cases aggressively, and if you’re accused of DWI in Orange County, you’ll need to contact an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer immediately. A report that rates the efforts of all fifty states to fight impaired driving was recently released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD uses a five-star system; a state gets one star if it employs one of MADD’s five recommended counter-measures against drunk driving, and the state gets five stars if it employs all five measures:

  • ignition interlock laws
  • sobriety checkpoints
  • license revocation laws
  • child endangerment laws
  • no-refusal laws

MADD gave California four out of five stars. The authors of the report would like to see California make ignition interlock devices required for all drivers convicted of DWI across the state. They also believe California needs to improve its child endangerment law. MADD has no doubt helped raise awareness about drunk driving for more than three decades; DWI -related fatalities have dropped significantly since MADD was founded in 1980.

However, many observers feel that first-time DWI offenders probably suffer enough already and that more sobriety checkpoints and ignition interlock devices will not make the public substantially safer. MADD appears to offer no suggestions for protecting the public from the real DUI threat on our streets – the chronic offender with five or more DWI convictions who is not scared of the law and who is happy to drive with a suspended or revoked license. Dealing with drivers who need the most help – and who put the public at the most risk – is probably where safety efforts should now be focused.

If you’re charged with DUI in southern California, do not assume that you’ll be convicted, and do not try to act as your own attorney. It can sometimes be difficult to win a DWI case in California, but good DUI lawyers do it routinely in this state. If you’re charged with DUI in Orange County – now or in the future – call an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer as quickly as possible.