If you’re stopped and arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County, it doesn’t matter if you’re under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. The consequences of a DUI conviction are harsh in this state, so you’ll need to obtain legal assistance immediately by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI attorney. As an increasing number of states are legalizing pot for medical and even for recreational purposes, concerns are growing this year about drivers who combine alcohol with marijuana and then get behind the wheel. Some new research is adding to those concerns.

Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands now say unequivocally that mixing alcohol with marijuana more severely impairs a driver than either substance alone. Even when their alcohol consumption measured well below the “legal limit,” when drivers combined the two drugs, their driving behaviors resembled the driving behaviors of someone considerably over the limit. The findings raise important issues for courts, law enforcement, and legislators who are only now starting to deal with the full consequences of legalizing marijuana.

If you are stopped by the police because you are suspected of DUI, politely insist on your right to remain silent, and do not consent to a search of your vehicle until or unless a search warrant is produced. If you are convicted for marijuana-DUI in California, you could be sentenced to 3-to-5 years of probation with regular drug testing, a year in jail, expensive fees and fines, DUI school for twelve weeks, and a driver’s license suspension for six months. In southern California, you’ll need the services of an experienced Orange County DUI attorney who will defend you vigorously while working for the best possible resolution of your case. Even in first-offense, marijuana-DUI cases, California courts offer little leniency. If you face any DUI-related charge in southern California, speak to an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.