Since January 2014, California law prohibits employers from asking job applicants to disclose a DUI conviction that has been expunged. If you are having difficulty getting hired or advancing in your field, speak at once with an experienced California DUI defense attorney about having your driving under influence sentence expunged. If you were not sent to prison for DUI, your driving under influence conviction may be expunged if certain criteria are met.

Expungement allows you to tell employers that you were not convicted of driving under influence. The new law also forbids employers from using an expunged conviction against you. The law applies also to persons already employed and seeking a promotion or facing termination because a sentence has been discovered. Expunging your DUI conviction can help you get a job, and it can also help you keep your current job and qualify for promotion.

Employment is the only area covered by the new law. Expunging your driving under influence conviction will not reinstate a suspended or revoked driver’s license, remove points from your license, or remove your conviction from California’s driving under influence database. If you are charged again with DUI in California within ten years, the court considers your expunged DUI conviction as a prior conviction.

Here’s how expungement works. California law permits driving under influence convictions to be dismissed upon completing a successful probation, which includes: full payment of all fines and restitution; attendance at all court-ordered counseling or educational programs; completion of community service; attendance at all required court appearances; and no violations of probation terms. If you petition for expungement, you’re going to need help from a good driving under influence defense lawyer.

If you served jail time for a misdemeanor driving under influence, you must wait a year before you can seek expungement. If you served time for a felony DUI, you must wait one to two years after your sentence is completed. You are not qualified for DUI expungement if charges are currently pending against you or if you are currently serving a sentence or probation for any other crime.

Expungement of a driving under influence conviction is vital for anyone applying for or renewing a professional license in California, but a good California DUI defense lawyer can help you have your conviction expunged. If you are a charged with or convicted of driving under influence, get the help you need, protect your career, and speak with an experienced California DUI defense attorney right away.