It’s inevitable; the fully automated car may be on the street by the end of this decade. By the end of the next decade, it’s possible there could be no more DUIs, no more accidents, and no more traffic tickets. Every major automobile manufacturer is working on the driverless car of the future; do-it-yourself driving may soon be relegated to the movies and the history books. Last December, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan signed a law that allows the testing of driverless cars on Michigan’s roads. A month earlier, auto industry executives, safety officials, computer experts, attorneys, and lawmakers met at a “Florida Automated Vehicles Summit” in Tampa.

Fully automated cars will drive you shopping, dining, to work, even to the courthouse. Built-in, computerized devices will monitor what nearby vehicles are doing and will automatically make the adjustments necessary to maintain safety. How will automated cars affect traffic laws, drunk driving laws, and the legal system in general? The best guess is that many of the laws regarding individual drivers would become moot. DUI laws would simply be anachronisms in a world where you can tell your car to drive you home. Not only will there be no drunk drivers – or any other drivers – but everyone’s safety will be additionally enhanced by the end of high-speed police chases on public streets. When traffic becomes fully automated, the police will simply stop a suspect’s car with an electronic command.

The crime of driving under the influence will be history. Still, automated cars are not quite yet a reality in California. If you’re facing a DUI charge today – and until automated cars take over – you’re going to need help from an experienced California DUI defense attorney. Don’t risk your future and your freedom; a good DUI defense lawyer can develop an effective defense strategy and achieve the best possible result for you. Protect yourself from the genuinely negative consequences of a DUI conviction; if you need help with a DUI charge, speak at once with an experienced DUI defense attorney.