Orange County DUI defense lawyerEvery DUI case is different and every client is different. Good defense attorneys in DUI cases don’t use a “routine” strategy; instead, an effective defense must be created based on the specific circumstances of your own DUI case. When your attorney has gathered and examined all of the evidence, only then will a clear picture emerge regarding your options and the possible outcomes of your case. If you face a DUI charge in southern California, you’ll need to retain the services of an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

In the period leading up to your trial date, your attorney will examine the evidence the prosecutor has against you and if possible gather additional evidence to enhance your defense. Your attorney will look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and reasons to have the charge reduced or – in some cases – completely dismissed. Most DUI cases, however, are resolved through some form of a plea agreement. The decision to accept a plea agreement or go to trial can only be made after a comprehensive examination of the evidence. When your attorney fully understands the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, then your attorney can advise you to accept the plea agreement or reject it and go to trial.

To convict you in a trial, the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Jurors don’t have to believe that you are innocent; rather, what jurors must determine is if the state has succeeded or failed to prove your guilt. At trial, a good DUI defense lawyer may cross-examine the arresting officers to reveal discrepancies in their testimony; challenge the results of blood, breath, or field sobriety tests or the way such tests were conducted; and introduce any additional evidence that bolsters your defense. If you are charged with DUI in southern California, you should know that penalties can be stiff and consequences can be long-term if you’re convicted, so get in touch with an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer immediately.