Some of us are never charged with DUI. For others, it’s an isolated, single incident they can eventually put behind them. But unfortunately, some people are repeaters and even “chronic” DWI offenders. A recent analysis shows that more than a quarter of the DUI cases in California’s court system on any given date involve repeat offenders. If you’re facing a second or third DUI charge, get the help you need and contact an experienced DUI defense attorney at once.

Obviously, repeat DWI offenders are subject to tougher penalties than first-time offenders. Those convicted of a second DWI in California will probably spend from ten days to a year in jail, pay fines ranging up to $2,800, and have their license temporarily suspended. Those convicted of a third DUI face up to a year in jail, fines up to $18,000, and a three-year license suspension.

California lawmakers and law enforcement agencies are always looking for innovative ways to reduce repeat DUIs, and technology is giving them some options. California judges have ordered a number of repeat DUI offenders to wear a “SCRAM” bracelet. SCRAM stands for “Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor,” an alcohol-detecting bracelet that an offender wears around the ankle. It’s a tamper-resistant device that detects alcohol vapor released from the skin through sweat, tests for alcohol throughout the day, and sends results to a monitoring station.

Another option is tracking technology which uses GPS-style detection to keep tabs on offenders. California judges are also requiring those convicted of repeat DWI offenses – and some of those convicted of first offenses – to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their automobiles. The IID keeps those who are over the legal limit from driving.

Repeat DWI is a serious matter that should always be discussed with a good California DWI defense lawyer. Do not place your future, your freedom, and your driving privilege at even greater risk. If you are charged with a repeat DUI – now or in the future – protect yourself and call an experienced California DWI defense attorney immediately.