When you and your friends go out to celebrate the weekend, the festivities may include alcohol. If so, hopefully you’ll have a designated driver, or you’ll use a taxi or a car service. Real friends will let you sleep over rather than drive. But let’s say you have one glass of wine and after an hour or so, you feel fine. You decide to drive.

Drivers in California have the right to avoid sobriety checkpoints. If you aren’t driving suspiciously or violating any vehicle codes, the police have no probable cause for a stop. They can, of course, stop you if you seem to be driving while intoxicated.

At a sobriety checkpoint, always be courteous and polite. Do not argue or express “attitude.” If you behave well, you have a good chance of passing through the checkpoint cleanly. And even if you are arrested, your good behavior will give a prosecutor less to use against you.

Keep your answers short and precise. Do not try to explain anything to the police. When you’re asked a yes-or-no question, answer simply yes or no. You have a constitutional right to not incriminate yourself, so you should politely decline to take any field sobriety tests.

Of course, if you plan on driving, abstaining completely from alcohol is the best strategy. If, however, you are stopped, arrested, and charged with DUI, get immediate help from an experienced California DUI defense attorney. A good DUI defense lawyer can often discredit any test results and testimony offered against you. The charge can be reduced or dismissed entirely, an acceptable plea agreement may be reached, or you may be acquitted at trial. An experienced DUI defense attorney will assess your situation and provide the aggressive, effective legal defense that’s right for you. If you face the charge, make the call right away to an experienced California DUI defense attorney.