The Napa County District Attorney’s Office is getting some help with its DUI prosecutions. The prosecutors have received a $228,000 grant to investigate and prosecute DWI cases in Napa County. The one-year grant pays for one full-time prosecutor to handle misdemeanor DUI cases and 30 percent of the salary of another prosecutor to handle felony DWI cases. The grant also pays for a part-time investigator and a quarter of the cost of a bilingual advocate. Money is also set aside for training. This is the third year the Napa County District Attorney’s Office has received the grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

California is pouring more resources than ever before into DWI prosecutions. If you’ve been charged with DUI in southern California, it’s imperative to get legal help immediately by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer. When it comes down to one individual’s DUI case, in the end it doesn’t matter how much money or how many lawyers a District Attorney’s Office has. The prosecutor still has to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A good DUI attorney will find a flaw in the prosecutor’s case against you if there is one. If the police violated your constitutional rights in any way, or if you were tested for DWI in a way that violates test procedures, your attorney will bring it to the court’s attention and fight for justice on your behalf.

If you are charged with DWI in southern California, obtain the services of an experienced Orange County DWI defense lawyer immediately. You could be facing fines, jail time, and the suspension of your driver’s license. A good DUI defense lawyer will compile evidence and examine witnesses, dispute DWI test results, and work hard to have your charge reduced or even in some cases dismissed. While no guarantee can ever be made in any particular DWI case, an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer will bring your case to its best possible resolution.