If you’re under 21 and you are a driver in California, the DUI rules are different – and tougher. California has a Zero Tolerance Law for underage drivers. Any trace of alcohol in a driver under 21 can trigger a DWI charge. If you or your teenager is charged with driving under the influence in southern California, you’ll need to speak with an experienced Orange County DWI defense lawyer as quickly as possible. If you’re a parent, you know that teens can often make bad decisions. Talk to your teens – frequently – about the dangers and the legal consequences of driving under the influence.

In California, young drivers who are convicted of underage DWI can have their vehicles seized, their driver’s licenses suspended, and be ordered to attend alcohol and driving safety classes. Auto insurance will cost more. A DUI conviction must be included on applications to colleges and universities, and teens who are convicted of DUI won’t be able to get a job that involves driving. Nothing is more important than your children. If you are the parent of one or more teens, it’s imperative to talk with them about driving under the influence and California’s strictly-enforced Zero Tolerance law. “Every 15 Minutes” is an educational program designed for teens and presented in a number of California schools. Every 15 minutes in the U.S., someone dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident. It can happen suddenly, to anyone. Talk to your teens.

Get help right away from an experienced Orange County DWI defense lawyer if your child is charged with DUI. A good DWI attorney will challenge blood and breathalyzer test results. Sometimes the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses can be discredited. An experienced California DUI attorney can provide the aggressive representation you need and fight for the best possible result. If your teenager is accused of DWI in Orange County, contact an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer immediately.