California deters underage drinking with a Zero Tolerance Law for underage drivers. In other words, if you drive and you aren’t old enough to drink, a DUI charge can be filed if any trace of alcohol is detected. The charge carries both immediate and long-term consequences for a young person. If you (or your teenager) are charged with DUI in California, you’ll need legal assistance from an experienced California DUI defense attorney.

It’s a fact of life; teens sometimes make bad judgments even after you talk with them about drinking and driving. In our state, drivers under 21 who are convicted of underage driving under influence can lose their driver’s license for a year (or until their 18th birthday), have their vehicle confiscated, and be ordered to complete driving safety and alcohol education classes. The young person’s insurance rates will certainly increase, and the conviction also must be listed on college applications.

As the summer approaches in southern California, more teens will be driving. If you have one or more teenagers, it’s imperative to talk with them about the consequences of drunk driving and especially about the California Zero Tolerance law for drivers under age 21. A number of websites and community organizations provide literature and educational initiatives to assist parents. The Every 15 Minutes Program, for example, is an educational initiative designed for teenagers. Its name is derived from the tragic fact that once every 15 minutes, someone dies as a result of drunk driving. The program is offered in many California schools, and Every 15 Minutes can be contacted directly to schedule a presentation at your child’s school.

If despite your best efforts, your teenager is charged with underage driving under influence, get help right away from a good California DUI defense lawyer. An arrest is not automatically a conviction. Blood and breath tests can be challenged and prosecution witnesses can often be discredited. An experienced California DUI defense attorney will provide the representation you need and will fight for the best possible resolution of the case. Nothing is more important than your children. If your child is charged with DUI, contact an experienced DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible.