Thanks to grant money from the California Office of Traffic Safety, if you are arrested for DWI in Monterey County – especially if you are a repeat offender or if you’re involved in a fatal or injury accident – expect to face a highly-trained, specialized DUI prosecutor. The $414,312 grant to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office will finance a “Vertical Prosecution” team that will work cases from arrest through sentencing or acquittal. From anywhere in California, if you are charged with DUI, get the legal help you need by contacting an experienced Orange County DUI attorney as quickly as possible.

The difference between horizontal and vertical prosecution is that by using “vertical” prosecution, one prosecutor handles a case at every stage and follows the case from arrest to resolution. In “horizontal” prosecution, one attorney handles arraignments, another handles grand juries, and another handles trials. Defendants are “handed off” to a new prosecutor at each stage of the legal process. Monterey County District Attorney Dean D. Flippo told KSBW News that the grant will allow his office to prosecute DWI suspects “in a more efficient and effective manner.”

In fatal and major injury DUI collisions, members of the team may respond to the crash scene to be part of the investigation. In 2013 in Monterey County, there were 5 fatalities and 211 injuries resulting from alcohol-related DWI accidents. When and if you are charged with driving under the influence, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will be convicted. First, the state must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and that’s not always easy in DWI cases. A savvy DUI lawyer will challenge the legality of your traffic stop and arrest, the accuracy of any DUI tests, and the veracity of the arresting officer’s testimony. Don’t plead guilty or try to act as your own attorney. The help you need is here, but you must make the call immediately after a DWI arrest. If you are charged with DUI anywhere in California, now or in the future, take your case at once to an experienced Orange County DWI attorney.