If you face a DUI charge in southern California, you’ll need both the advice and the services of an experienced California DUI lawyer based in Orange County. At some point during your DUI case, you’ll have to make the choice: Do you take your case to trial and ask a jury to acquit you, or do you work out and accept a plea bargain with the prosecutor? It’s your choice, but you will need to decide thoughtfully and take into account the recommendation of your DUI defense attorney. Both options have advantages and drawbacks, although the advantages of going to trial are only advantages if you win.

The prosecutor determines what plea bargain will be offered to you. A plea bargain is an arrangement with the prosecutor to plead guilty or no contest to a lesser charge and then to serve a lesser sentence. If you take your DUI case before a jury and win, you will not have a DUI conviction, you’ll face no other penalties, and your driver’s license will be returned. If you lose, you’ve lost time and money, and your sentence will probably exceed the sentence you would have served if you had accepted the plea bargain.

Your decision does not have to – and should not – be made in haste. You need to examine and assess the potential ramifications of either choice for your family, your job, your driver’s license, and your insurance costs. Make sure that you’ve told your attorney everything about the case and everything about your circumstances, too, so that your attorney can provide you with the best possible advice. And be certain to put your attorney on the case as early as possible. After any southern California DUI arrest, contact an experienced California DUI lawyer based in Orange County as quickly as possible.