As legal restrictions on the consumption of marijuana are incrementally being relaxed in many states, the race is on to invent an instant roadside marijuana breathalyzer so that police officers can test those who might be driving while high. Vancouver-based Cannabix Technologies Inc., expects to be first company to offer a “pot breathalyzer” – a handheld device similar to the breathalyzers used to detect alcohol. The company is still testing the device and hasn’t set a date for putting it on the market. For now, if you’re arrested on a marijuana-related DUI charge in Orange County, fight the charge with the help of an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer.

While the presence of marijuana in someone’s bloodstream has been easy enough to detect, there is still no reliable way to measure the “level” of intoxication or how long it’s been since marijuana was consumed. Unlike water-soluble alcohol, marijuana (or actually its active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol) can remain in the bloodstream for days after usage and after the intoxication effect has faded away. If a truly reliable marijuana breathalyzer is developed, the size of the potential market is probably huge. Manufacturers hope that every police agency in the nation will want every vehicle equipped. Cost, however, will be the initial barrier. Lifeloc sells alcohol breathalyzers for $300-to-$400, but the company expects to charge $2,500-to-$3,500 for its marijuana breathalyzer.

For now, if you are accused of marijuana-related DUI in southern California, speak with an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney immediately. Any DUI charge is a risk to your future, your finances, your driving privilege, and your freedom. A good DUI attorney can examine the details of your case, work toward the best possible resolution, and fight aggressively for the justice you deserve. If you face a DUI charge in Orange County, speak with an experienced Orange County DUI defense lawyer as quickly as possible.