In February, a jury in Texas convicted Bobby Gene Martin of DUI for the tenth time. A Colorado man, Denny Lovern, was indicted last year after his sixteenth DWI . Unlike California, where a fourth DUI is a felony, subsequent DUIs are not felonies in Colorado, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. While it’s unlikely that you’ll rack up ten or sixteen DWI arrests here in California, call an experienced Orange County DWI lawyer at once – whether it’s your first offense or your sixteenth – if you are accused of DUI or any related charge in Orange County or elsewhere in southern California.

In 2012, an Albuquerque man, George Toledo, 62, was arrested for DUI the twentieth time, but that still isn’t the most arrests for one person. The record belongs to a South Dakota man named Jerry Zeller, dubbed “Mr. DUI” by the media. Zeller reportedly was arrested for DUI more than thirty times before his death in a house fire – he apparently passed out with a lit cigarette – in 2008. If you know anyone who is addicted to alcohol or anyone with more than several DWI convictions – especially if that someone is you – help that person get help. Alcoholism isn’t just medically dangerous; it causes scores of deaths every year in fires and in catastrophic traffic collisions. If you are a DWI offender who has been sentenced to alcohol counseling, take advantage of it.

If you’re charged with DWI in southern California, an experienced Orange County DWI lawyer can assess the charges against you, interview witnesses, compile evidence in your defense, and fight for justice on your behalf. The penalties can be stiff and the consequences can be long-term if you’re convicted, so if you are arrested for DUI, get in touch with an experienced DWI defense attorney right away.