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Choosing a DUI Attorney


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Attorney Phillips is a great attorney.

by Harold Ngo. on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great team of lawyers.

by Richer Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Todd and Michael won my father’s case, even though the police caught it on video.

by Thien Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great law firm!

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Being arrested and charged with a DUI in the state of California can be a life altering and devastating experience. With so much on the line, it’s crucial to hire the most talented, experienced, and skillful DUI defense attorney available. With extremely zealous prosecutors, increasingly strict DUI laws, and ever increasing penalties for those convicted, people charged with this offense need the best representation they can obtain.  The attorney must be able to analyze every piece of evidence and employ the best possible strategies to exploit the specific weaknesses in these extensively technical cases.

DUI cases are, by their very nature, complicated. Many factors must be evaluated and considered to avoid conviction, and it is imperative to have a DUI defense attorney that is intimately familiar with each of these factors. Meticulous attention to detail, and a skilled handling of the case must begin from the moment the defense lawyer is hired.  Immediate attention followed with aggressive and skillful negotiation are both necessary and critical until the conclusion of the case.


Choosing a DUI Attorney

Finding the right DUI attorney can be a difficult process, that’s why it is paramount to consider the following before choosing a defense lawyer. Here are questions to ask before hiring a DUI attorney:

  • Focused Practice Area. There are many attorneys out there who handle anything and everything available in law.  From wills and codicils, to real estate transactions, to slip and fall injuries, to driving under the influence.  However, at The Law Offices of Todd Landgren, the attorneys focus their practice on one area, DUI DEFENSE.  This focus makes them the most “in-the-know” and experienced DUI attorneys in California.
  • DUI Case Experience. In the legal industry, there simply is no substitute for experience. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the specific courts, the prosecution tactics, and the individual Judge’s policies, allows for a successfully defense to DUI charges. It is critical to have this knowledge.
  • Proven and Recent Success. Some attorneys amass years of “experience” with nothing more to show than an aged state bar card. Mr. Landgren has been producing top notch results for his clients for decades and Mr. Phillips has won more cases in the past five years than most will in a career.
  • Guarantees. No reputable attorney will make guarantees because there are none to be had. Any lawyer that promises a specific outcome is one to avoid.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

The Law Offices of Todd Landgren are committed to giving each client the best and most comprehensive legal representation for DUI cases. We have handled more than 3,000 DUI cases, with hundreds resulting in lesser charges or outright wins. Our clients stay informed of material progress in their cases without needing to worry about tenuous details. Our attorneys are readily available by telephone and email to help our clients through the inherently stressful process and to help them avoid as many DUI related inconveniences as possible. We understand that DUI charges can touch many aspects of our clients’ lives, even before the DMV or court cases begin and strive to steer our clients clear of related problems.