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DUI charges always carry serious penalties, but especially if you caused an accident and there were injuries involved. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and producing damage to another can give rise to misdemeanor or felony charges. The addition of an alleged wound can radically increase the potential punishment that one faces as a result of being arrested for driving under influence.

Penalties for DUI with Injury

In the state of California, an impaired driver who causes damage to another is guilty of a felony punishable by 16, 24, or 36 months in prison. If convicted, the sentence will be increased by one year for each additional victim. If a victim sustains great bodily wound, the impaired driver can be sentenced to an additional 3 years in prison.

Clearly, the penalties for driving under influence with injury case are so grave that every person facing this type of charge must be represented by the best possible counsel. If you have been accused of driving a vehicle under the influence, you will be facing serious consequences. Speak to a defense attorney who has experience with similar cases as soon as possible. Skilled attorneys can help you understand the legal process and defend your rights.


DUI with Injury Explained

orange county DUI causing injury attorneyDUI with damage, or driving under influence producing damage, requires the same proof as a regular DUI with the addition of an injury caused by the impaired driver. Even a minor injury gives rise to a felony charge. However, if the injury was not caused by the impaired driver, he is not responsible for a felony. For example, if an alleged victim crashes into a drunk driver while the drunk driver sits stopped at a red light and is injured as a result, the charges are misdemeanors.

Hire an Orange County DUI Causing Injury Attorney

A DUI conviction can stay on your record and affect your personal and professional life for years. If you are convicted of drunk driving, your license may be suspended by the DMV, you will have higher insurance rates, and you may face jail time. Having a criminal record could impact your ability to find work or housing in the future. That’s why drivers who have been charged with crimes involving driving under the influence should immediately contact an attorney.

As Orange County DUI producing damage attorney of The Law Offices of Todd Landgren has dedicated their professional career to the effective defense of those arrested for driving under influence. Armed with a wealth of experience in challenging DUI charges, we have successfully represented many clients in even the most tragic felony DUI matters. If you have been charged with DUI in Santa Ana, Newport Beach, or any other city in Orange County, seek legal representation from the experienced lawyers at our law firm by calling 949-535-1303 or visiting the contact us page on this website and filling out the evaluation form.