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Attorney Phillips is a great attorney.

by Harold Ngo. on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great team of lawyers.

by Richer Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Todd and Michael won my father’s case, even though the police caught it on video.

by Thien Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great law firm!

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Hire an Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer

Any person arrested for suspicion of DUI in California should immediately speak with a proven Orange County driving under influence lawyer. Since the very best driving under influence defense attorneys provide a free initial consultation, anyone who chooses to defend himself, or to accept the consequences without even attempting to protect himself, is very ill advised.

DUI cases can be complex, so you will need a DUI lawyer who has years of experience working with clients who have been accused of drunk driving. Even if it’s the first time you’ve been charged, you could still face a license suspension by the DMV, jail time, and a conviction that will remain on your record. People do not view DUI convictions well, so having a misdemeanor or felony DUI on your record could affect your ability to find work or housing in the future.

Working with a top notch driving under influence defense attorney exponentially increases the chances of mitigating or completely averting what can be a devastating set of consequences. The consequences of a DUI conviction can affect you for years to come, so don’t take a chance by representing yourself. Contact a criminal defense attorney in Orange County right after an arrest to seek help fighting the charges against you.


orange county dui defense lawyerWhether a defendant is confident he did no wrong and seeks to maintain his good name and life as he knows it, or accepts guilt and simply wants to avoid as much life damage as possible; retaining the assistance of The Law Offices of Todd Landgren is a wise investment. If you are facing DUI charges in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, or any other city in Orange County, contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Todd Landgren for legal representation in your criminal case. If you are a new client, schedule a consultation by calling 949-535-1303 or visit the contact us page on this website.