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The majority of DUI cases in Orange County, California are misdemeanors. However, drunk or impaired driving is a felony in certain situations. For example, when someone other than the driver, such as other drivers on the road, is injured, it is a felony. The legal process for fighting driving under the influence cases in court is becoming increasingly more complex. The penalties for a felony driving DUI are drastically more severe than those for misdemeanor driving under the influence. There are three ways you can be charged with a felony DUI, including:

  • DUI causing injury
  • Fourth offense within ten years
  • DUI within ten years after a crime driving under influence

With charges and consequences being more severe in a felony DUI case, it is imperative that individuals facing these charges retain an Irvine felony DUI attorney who is intimately familiar with fighting DUI charges in the courthouse where the matter will be heard. The Law Offices of Todd Landgren have helped thousands of clients through this trying time and combine to form one of the most prestigious defense firms in Orange County. A defense lawyer can help you navigate through the trial after an arrest and plead your case in a DMV hearing regarding your license suspension.

irvine felony dui attorney

Misdemeanor vs. Felony DUI Charges in Orange County

Though a misdemeanor charge of drunk driving is serious, felonies are punishable by years in prison, as opposed to years on probation. A conviction will also stay on your record, which could make it difficult to find work or housing in the state of California.

A fourth DUI offense can carry a sentence of three years in prison. Felony DUIs involving injury can also carry a three year prison sentence, with an additional three years if the victim suffers great bodily injury and another year for every additional victim.

Handling Felony DUI Cases in Irvine

irvine felony dui attorneyFelony DUI is taken very seriously by the police, courts, and people in the community. It is crucial to speak with an experienced Irvine felony DUI attorney immediately. An aggressive lawyer with hundreds of hours of investigative experience can mean the difference between having the charges dropped or reduced and being sentenced to years in prison. Time is of the essence–don’t hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney in Orange County today.

Hire an Irvine Felony DUI Attorney

The Law Offices of Todd Landgren have helped hundreds of defendants charged with crime driving while intoxicated get the best possible results. If you know someone who has been arrested for crime driving while intoxicated in Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach or any other city in Orange County, call The Law Offices of Todd Landgren immediately or fill out the evaluation form on our website. Our Orange County criminal defense attorneys can provide you with information on how to protect against in custody interrogation, obtain release on bond from jail, and begin immediate preparation for defense of this charge.