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Fighting a DUI


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Attorney Phillips is a great attorney.

by Harold Ngo. on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great team of lawyers.

by Richer Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Todd and Michael won my father’s case, even though the police caught it on video.

by Thien Nguyen on Orange County DUI Attorney

Great law firm!

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Many people have the misconception that being charged with a DUI means they will inevitably be found guilty. After all, law enforcement may have recorded the events leading to the arrest, including field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, and the disheartening process of being placed under arrested and spending the night in jail. At The Law Offices of Todd Landgren, our professional DUI defense experts understand that very few DUI arrests result in “open and shut” cases. However, many defendants will surrender to the prosecutor and plead guilty without knowing whether their cases could have been successfully defended by a seasoned attorney.

Because so many people think the prosecution has all the evidence it needs to find the defendant guilty, some do not even attempt to mount a defense. Acting on pending criminal and administrative licensing charges as if there is no hope for help is a costly mistake.

fighting a DUI

Fighting a DUI Effectively

Contrary to popular misconception, there are effective methods for fighting DUI cases which can bring them to a successful conclusion for the defense.

The truth of the matter is there are more effective approaches to successfully fighting a DUI than can be explained in an encyclopedia of text. Those who want the best chance at averting the costs, must hire counsel.

Beating a DUI in California

Simply allowing the prosecution to call all the shots will surely end in conviction, and likely more punishment than necessary. A DUI defendant should immediately seek the best, most experienced legal representative available who will pursue the matter passionately and aggressively. At The Law Offices of Todd Landgren, that’s precisely what we do.