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A first driving under influence offense can be a frightening and unnerving experience. Seeing a police officer pull up behind you with flashing lights, participating in BAC testing, and then being arrested can be overwhelming. Most people assume that such a charge automatically results in loss of driving privileges, severe fines, time in jail, and a conviction that will forever remain on your record. Without an experienced Orange County first DUI offense attorney, this could easily be the case after every DUI arrest. What’s more, a first time offender will likely have to attend alcohol education classes, perform community service, and be placed on probation as a result of the conviction.

However, the experienced and talented DUI defense attorneys of The Law Offices of Todd Landgren can help a person charged with their first driving under influence navigate the criminal court system and the DMV hearing process. The only way to the most positive outcome with the least pain along the way is through a professional Orange County DUI lawyer who understands the legal system and knows every defense technique and strategy. Equally important is the ability to execute these techniques effectively.

Orange County First DUI Offense Attorney

First Offense DUI Penalties

Most first offense DUIs are charged as a misdemeanor, however if there is an accident that causes a fatality or injury, it could be a felony DUI. Though it’s possible to face time in the Orange County jail for a first driving under influence offense, mandatory time in custody is unlikely in cases without these aggravating circumstances. However, this doesn’t mean the defendant walks away scot-free. There are many other penalties a person charged with DUI can and will face in the state of California, including:

  • Suspension of driver’s license for one month, followed by five months of restriction where you will only be able to drive on a limited basis
  • Suspension for one year in chemical test refusal cases
  • Having to use an ignition interlock device on your vehicle after your license suspension has ended
  • Being placed on probation for three and five years
  • Three to nine months in an alcohol education program
  • Miscellaneous additional drunk driving treatment programs
  • Fines $2,000, or more

orange county first dui offense attorneyWhile these penalties are stiff, the ordeal does not end with fines, classes, community service, and jail time. Defendants with a DUI conviction on their driving and criminal records, can lose reputation and encounter barriers when renting a place to live, obtaining a job, or further education. A first conviction also exposes individuals to enhanced consequences for similar violations in the future. There’s also the loss of time associated with fighting the charges and having to attend classes, which can put a strain on personal and professional relationships. Friends and family members may begin to turn their backs on you after you have been arrested, even if you have not been convicted yet. To avoid as many of these consequences as possible, work with a criminal defense attorney who has experience representing California DUI clients.

Hire an Orange County First DUI Offense Attorney

An experienced Orange County first driving under influence offense attorney can help a person charged with drunk driving in a number of ways.

With the assistance of the aggressive, experienced defense attorneys of the Law Offices of Todd Landgren, a person charged with DUI will be given the best chance of surviving the situation with a little damage as possible. DUI defense is an incredibly complex and labor intensive legal challenge. There are numerous ways to challenge a first time DUI charge and The Law Offices of Todd Landgren have the resources and knowledge to provide their clients with the maximum level of protection from the ever increasingly robust scheme of related consequences. If you are facing DUI charges for the first, second, or even the third time, contact our law firm by calling 949-535-1303 or filling out the evaluation form on this website.