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Huntington Beach DUI Attorney

There are few things more terrifying and stressful than being charged with a DUI in Hunting Beach, regardless of whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor. The reality is the prosecutor’s office will go to nearly any length to convict an individual, putting on a case which manipulates the evidence in a way that convicts the defendant. That means it’s necessary to have the best representation possible, and that can only be delivered by The Law Offices of Todd Landgren — where criminal defense attorneys specialize in drunk and impaired driving cases.

With almost forty years of experience under their belts, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of individuals in DUI cases in Huntington Beach. We have been able to get a “not guilty” verdict for scores of his clients, have hundreds of cases reduced to lesser offenses, in the more than three thousand cases we have handled. We have the experience and knowledge to be the most effective Huntington Beach DUI attorney team in the area.

huntington beach dui attorney

Why Todd Landgren and Michael Phillips are the Most Experienced Huntington Beach DUI Attorney team

Michael Phillips learned the ropes of criminal law prosecuting cases for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Huntington Beach Police Department at the Orange County Superior Court’s West Justice Center. He knows the prosecutor’s office from inside in the courthouse where all Huntington Beach DUI cases are held.

Todd Landgren has more than just a Juris Doctor degree from Hastings College of the Law at the University of California, he is also a regular on the lecture circuit of the prestigious National Forensic Association, where he regularly provides analysis and sharp insight into DUI defense strategies and techniques. Mr. Landgren is also a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, where he is regarded as one of the best attorneys practicing in misdemeanor and felony DUI cases.

Inside knowledge, immense experience, and two proven track records of successful representation in Huntington Beach DUI cases make The Law Offices of Todd Landgren the wisest choice of Huntington Beach DUI attorney for anyone charged with a DUI in Huntington Beach or its surrounding areas.