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When clients need an experienced and successful attorney, they go to The Law Offices of Todd Landgren as their Irvine DUI Attorney. Over the past 38 years Mr. Landgren has handled over three thousand DUI cases. He has been invited on multiple occasions to lecture on DUI defense techniques to State and National Forensic Associations, and is regularly sought after by other professionals as the leading Irvine expert in drunk driving defense.

Todd Landgren has a history of negotiating cases down to lesser offenses and an impressive track record of “not guilty” verdicts. Respected and consulted by the Irvine legal community, he tirelessly works for every client to achieve the best possible result for each drunk driving situation. He represents clients charged with both misdemeanors and felonies and is widely regarded as Irving’s “go-to” for DUI offenses.

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“No Hype, No Hassles, No Lies”

Landgren and Phillips’ knowledgeable, aggressive treatment of every individual case sets them apart from other lawyers in the community. Every case will receive personal attention for superior representation, no matter the situation. Each individual client receives an honest appraisal, all possible defenses, and the likely results of the case.

They achieve results by remaining one step ahead. Mr. Landgren and Mr. Phillips will do research for every client and will figure out multiple solutions for each case so as to always have a plan. This adaptability provides clients with the confidence they need to move forward in every aspect of the case, knowing they will remain informed every step of the way.

Todd Landgren believes in helping clients receive the personal attention every person deserves. His dedication and prompt response ensures every client will feel informed and confident with each call and inquiry. Over his decades of experience, Mr. Landgren’s success has resulted in many reviews from satisfied clients testifying to his skill and attention to individual needs.

The Best Irvine DUI Attorney Team

Have you, or someone you know, been charged or arrested with a DUI? You do not want to wade through a sea of false promises and misleading hype. You need an honest and aggressive attorney with experience and a history of success. You need personal attention to your individual case, a straightforward evaluation of the facts at hand, an answer to every inquiry, and a dedicated Irvine DUI attorney who will work for you.

Call The Law Offices of Todd Landgren today at 949-752-1122 for a free consultation, and see why so many satisfied clients in the Irvine sought the finest DUI representation.