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Being charged with DUI, in any state, is a very serious matter that can result in duplicate consequences for people who drove under the influence in a region other than the province which issued their driver’s license.  Those who drove on a California driver’s license in another state may be suspended in California. Similarly, people who drive under the influence in California on a driver’s license from another province may face the additional consequence of suspension in their home state in addition to license suspension in California.

If you are driving a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% of more and have a California driver’s license, the arresting police officer will confiscate your license and give you a temporary one that will expire within 30 days. After the expiration date, your suspension period will start unless you can successfully argue against this at a DMV hearing. If you have a license from out of state, the process is slightly different. Instead of confiscating your license, the officer will let you know your driving privileges in California will be suspended within 30 days. Your suspended driving privileges will most likely carry over to your home state due to an agreement known as the “Driver’s License Compact.”

If you are from out of state, lawyers may be able to handle the trial and other court proceedings without you present, however this decision is left up to the judge. If you are convicted, your home state will most likely wait to reinstate your driving privileges until you have completed all sentencing requirements in California, including jail time, probation, an alcohol education program, and fines.

A skilled Orange County out of state DUI attorney always considers the potential added complications that arise due to enforcement across region lines under the interstate “Driver’s License Compact”. That’s why it’s so important to find top attorneys who have years of experience representing out of state clients during their California DUI cases.

Orange County Out of State DUI Attorney

Out of State DUI

It is a common mistake to believe that just because a person is arrested for DUI in a region other than his or her home state, he or she will not lose the privilege to drive in their province of residence. Unfortunately, the legal consequences of a drunk driving charge can remain on your record and follow you home after your vacation or business trip is over. If you fail a drunk driving test in California, you cannot escape the consequences by returning home. We are familiar with every possible consequence of DUI and we know how to navigate around the those consequences when possible. Every client is treated with the utmost respect and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Orange County Out of State DUI Attorney Helping Drivers

The determination as to whether or not a driver loses his or her driving privileges in their home region based on a DUI in another province depends on the driver’s home state’s membership status in what’s called the “Interstate Driver’s License Compact”. The Interstate Driver’s License Compact is an agreement between most states in the country. It is a compact that allows participating states to communicate with one another about driving related offenses like DUI. This means that if a person is found guilty of driving under the influence in one province, that state’s DMV informs the driver’s home state of the charges and conviction. There are many ways to strategically minimize the hardships that can befall a driver under the compact. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect our clients from the long arm of the law under the compact. If you are facing DUI charges in Irvine, Newport Beach, or any other city in Orange County, contact a criminal defense attorney at our law firm as soon as possible after the arrest. Call 949-535-1303 or fill out the DUI case evaluation form on this website.